Waste bags

You must purchase specific bags for various types of unsorted waste, biodegradable, pmd, and soft plastics.

Points of sale

Cancellation of the pink bag
As from 1 March 2021, you can put soft plastics in the blue PMD bag. Hard plastics (e.g. toys, buckets) have to be taken to the recycling centre.


  • Brown bags (unsorted waste)
    • Roll of 10 large bags (60 litres per bag): € 22,5
    • Roll of 10 small bags (30 litres per bag): € 11,25
  • Blue bags (PMD: plastic packaging, metal packaging, drink cartons)
    • Roll of 20 bags: € 3
  • Green bags (GFT: vegetable, fruit and garden)
    Green gft bags are only for Leuven city centre. Biodegradable waste in the boroughs is collected in a GFT container.
    • Roll of 10 large biodegradable bags (40 liters): € 7
    • Roll of 20 small biodegradable bags (20 liters): € 7
    • Roll of 50 small compostable bags for kitchen waste bins: € 2,5

Bag broken

You can exchange a broken bag at the municipal office.

View address and opening hours

Aarschotsesteenweg 68
3012 Wilsele

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