Cookie practices

A cookie is a small file of data, stored on your browser when you surf to We use cookies to analyze our website, improve it and make it work properly.

Beheer je cookies

Necessary cookies

  • Typekit by Adobe
  • Google Tag Manager

Manager These cookies are necessary to make our website work properly or to make your browsing experience more pleasant.

Name cookie Goal When Period
has_js Indicates whether the browser supports JavaScript


language Indicates the language setting of your browser Always 7 days
cookie_agreed Remember that you have accepted cookies Always Always

Remember events, performance and stability when you make an appointment

If you make an appointment 1 year

Remembers events and use in our appointment module

If you make an appointment 1 year

Counts the number of repeat visitors in the appointment module

If you make an appointment 1 year
If you make an appointment 18 year

Analytical cookies

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see how you use our website. Among other things, we collect this data:

  • IP address (is made partially anonymous)
  • Which pages you visit and in which order
  • Which browser you use (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer ...)
  • Whether you surf on our website with a laptop or smartphone
  • How long your visit lasts and how long you stay on pages

The city has a processor agreement with Google. Your personal data is not visible and will not be shared with other parties.

Name cookie Goal When Period
_ga Identifies you as a unique user in Google Analytics Always Max. 2 year

Remember which pages you visit

Always Session
_gat Limits data collection when there are many visitors at the same time Always 10 minutes
_gat_ClientID Counts visits and indicates which website you come from Always 14 months


We use Siteimprove to improve the accessibility and quality of our website. Siteimprove informs us if something goes wrong, such as:

  • Links that don't work
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Readability problems

Your personal data is made anonymous and is not shared with other parties.

Cookies for social media and advertising

Facebook Pixel

On Facebook you sometimes come across messages from the city. With the Facebook Pixel we remember which pages you visit on our website. This way we can only show you messages on Facebook that are relevant to you. For example, if we disclose a new application, we'll make sure you don't get an advertisement if you already used the application.

We only use the Facebook Pixel for large campaigns such as 'Wintertijd' and 'Het Groot Verlof'. We are not currently using the Facebook Pixel.

We keep the data up to 4 months.

Cookies for user research

We collect data about how you use our website in order to improve it. eg. Hotjar or a pop-up questionnaire.

We are not currently using cookies for user research.

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