Going abroad: deregistration

Are you moving abroad and you do not have the Belgian nationality? Then deregister at the city office.

When to deregister?

  • At the earliest: 1 week before departure
  • At the latest: upon arrival abroad

Your deregistration takes effect on the date when you sent your email.

How to deregister?

During the period in which measures against the corona virus are in force, you can only submit this application by email. It is not possible to make an appointment at the city office.
  • Email to: nietbelgen@leuven.be
  • Subject line of the email: 'deregistration'+ your national registration number + your name (as stated on your national identity card or passport)
  • Attach the following documents (in PDF format, scanned separately):
    • National identity card (front and back) or national passport (biodata page)
    • Current residence card (front and back), annex 8/8bis, annex 15 or annex 49
  • Mention the following information in the email:
    • Reason for the application
    • Surname, given name(s) (as stated on your national identity card or passport)
    • Address abroad (max. 70 characters, in the format ‘street + house number, postal code + municipality, country’)
    • Planned date of departure
Pay attention
  • If you are submitting an application for your family, you send a single email. Attach the required documents for all your family members, and mention all their names in your email.
  • Only complete files will be processed.

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