Bulky refuse

Bulky refuse can be collected from your home (against payment). You can ask the municipal services to do this.

How to ask?

Request bulky household waste collection


€ 12,5 + an amount for the type of bulky waste:

  • € 8 per 0.5 m³ of bulky refuse or less (if it does not fall under one of the following categories)
  • € 8 for chair (2 pcs)
  • € 8 for (garden) table
  • € 8 for one-seater sofa
  • € 16 for two-seater sofa
  • € 24 for three-seater sofa
  • € 8 for single bed
  • € 16 for double bed
  • No extra charge for mattresses

Afterwards you will receive an invoice by post.

What is allowed?

  • Refuse that is not selectively collected at the recycling centre
  • Refuse that is not reusable
  • Refuse that is too large or too heavy to put in a garbage bag.

When will the refuse be collected?

The municipal services collect bulky refuse once a month. We will call you or send you an e-mail to inform you of the date.

How to prepare bulky refuse for collection

  • Not in plastic bags or cardboard boxes
  • Tied together firmly
  • In manageable pieces (maximally 1 metre high, 2 metres wide, 30 kg)

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