Reporting a death

You must report a death in Leuven to the city. The city then prepares a death certificate.

Who can report a death?

Anyone who is aware of the death. Usually, the funeral director takes care of it.

How do you report a death?

  1. Gather together all the documents required to declare a death.
  2. Send us the documents in one mail.
    Mention the surname and first name of the deceased as the subject.

Civil Registry

Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1
3000 Leuven

What happens after my request?

We process the declaration and send the copies and authorisation for burial/cremation. We send the original documents afterwards.


Free of charge.

Stillborn child

Did your baby die shortly before or during birth, after a pregnancy lasting at least 140 days? In this case you can have a deed of a stillborn child drawn up. From 180 days (6 months) onwards, it is mandatory.

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