Reporting a stillborn child

Did your baby die shortly before or during birth, after a pregnancy lasting at least 140 days? In this case you can have a 'deed of a stillborn child' drawn up. From 180 days (6 months) onwards, it is mandatory.

Do you have to report it or not?

Pregnancy Report?
Less than 140 days You cannot report it.
Between 140 and 179 days You can report it, but you don't have to.
From 180 days You have to report it.

How do you report a death?

Who can report it?

  • For a pregnancy lasting between 140 and 179 days
    • If there are two parents: both parents must be present
    • If there is one parent: the single parent
  • For a pregnancy lasting at least 180 days
    • One of the two parents
    • Funeral director

Where do you report it?

In the municipality where the delivery took place.

How do you report it?

Come to the City Office, by appointment.

Make an appointment

What must you bring?

Medical certificate showing the duration of the pregnancy in days.

Father or co-mother not yet recognised

The deed mentions the mother and the father or co-mother.

If the father or co-mother was not married to the mother or did not recognise the child beforehand, they can still ask to be mentioned on the deed. This can only be done with the mother's consent.

(Document Dutch only)

First name and surname

You can have the child's first name included on the deed. If the pregnancy lasted at least 180 days, you can also add a surname.

Parents can choose between:

  • Surname of the father or co-mother
  • Mother's surname
  • Composition of the two names with the parents choosing the order

(Document Dutch only)


Free of charge.

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