Taking a passport photo in a photo booth

Do you need a passport photo to settle administrative matters? The city office has a booth where you can have passport photos made.

Who can have photos made?

Everyone from the age of 3.

Where is the photo booth?

In the entrance hall of the city office, on the left-hand side of the reception desk.

When can you have your photo taken?

During the opening hours of the city office.


If you want to have your photos taken just before your appointment in the city office, you should arrive approximately fifteen minutes in advance. First go to the photo booth and then report for your appointment at the dispenser or the reception desk.


  • 5 photos cost € 5.
  • You can pay with a Belgian debit card or any credit card.
    If you want to pay in cash, you should pay the exact amount, as the machine does not return change.

Conditions for passport photos

A photo for an identity document or a passport has to meet a number of conditions (Dutch only).

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