Leuven, coordinating beneficiary partner LIFE PACT

The city is putting extra effort into climate adaptive actions through nature-based solutions. In Leuven, for example, we want to focus on softening and greening and protect ourselves better against the consequences of climate warming.

Locations in Leuven

We selected the Spaanse Kroon and the residential care centre Ter Putkapelle as locations for the project. Here we will develop, implement and evaluate the nature-based solutions.

Why does the city do this?

Almost 30% of the territory of Leuven is paved. Our rain falls on asphalt and buildings and runs off to the sea via the sewers. And our groundwater level has been too low for years. All that paving also traps heat. It gets almost 5 degrees hotter in cities than outside them.

An unpaved soil provides a more pleasant living environment for people and animals. Plants and trees find more cooling, and insects and small mammals have more opportunities. We can better maintain the groundwater level and thus protect Leuven from persistent droughts and flooding. All that greenery also makes for a pleasant streetscape.

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