More Biodiversity for Ter Putkapelle

Through the PACT project, we want to work with Zorg Leuven to make the outdoor space of Ter Putkapelle climate adaptive by increasing biodiversity and thus also the quality of life of its residents.

  • Were: Ter Putkapelle, elderly care facility, assisted living apartments and local services center (View on Google Maps)
  • When: 2022

Why the Ter Putkapelle?

  • The current green spaces around the center exhibit little biodiversity and are insufficiently inviting.
  • Zorg Leuven would like to work around nature-based solutions (NBS) at its sites and would like to call on the expertise of Terra Therapeutica and the landscape architects of the city of Leuven for this purpose.
  • Zorg Leuven wants to do this in a way that involves residents, staff, family and neighbours.

How do we approach this?

  • Involvement of residents and managers
    One of our partners, Democratic Society, is guiding a participatory process to involve residents, staff, family, neighbors and management of the care site in working out a greener and more sustainable environment.
  • NBS tailored specifically to older residents
    Working with Terra Therapeutica, a partner specialising in therapeutic gardens, we ensure that the NBS design is tailored to the needs of the site's elderly residents.
  • Expert support from the City of Leuven
    A landscape architect from the City of Leuven is involved in the participatory process and gradually works out a plan in consultation with all parties involved. An expert in the field of NBS ensures that any opportunities for increased sustainability are utilised.

What has happened so far?

  • Environmental Analysis
    Experts from the City of Leuven conducted a technical analysis of the site to identify opportunities and limitations.
  • Project announcement
    In early January, the project was announced through posters in Ter Putkapelle, Facebook, and other channels to find anyone interested in the activities that would follow.
  • Interviews
    In January, 18 residents and 6 staff were interviewed to identify the different needs of residents and staff.
  • Idea boxes
    Through idea boxes placed in Ter Putkapelle, residents, visitors and staff could share their vision on the greening of Ter Putkapelle. The care staff engaged in a discussion with residents about this, helping to gather ideas.
  • Workshops and info session
    In March and April, residents, relatives, neighbours, staff and the experts involved went to work together during two participatory workshops. The results were fed back during an information session at the end of June.

The masterplan

The above participatory process has led to a master plan for the entire outdoor area of Ter Putkapelle. Some of the zones described in the plan will be developed in the short term, but the implementation of the entire plan will take place over several years. This plan is a guideline for achieving a coherent and integrated whole over time.


Sketches of the desired future situation

Short-term interventions

In the fall of 2022, the enclosed garden, located between Ter Putkapelle and the railroad (zone 6 in the Master Plan) will be addressed. To make the plan comprehensible for the residents, a model of the enclosed garden was also made. This can be found at the reception of Ter Putkapelle.

Furthermore, the plantings around Ter Putkapelle will also already be carried out, including the facade plants.

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