Moving to or in Leuven: applying for a change of address

If you are moving to Leuven or within Leuven, you need to declare your new address to the city office.

You can declare your address change online. After a check by the local police officer, you will be invited to the city office to update your documents (by appointment).

When to declare?

Latest 8 working days after your move.

Who can declare an address change?

  • Any person older than 18 years.
  • For minors: a parent or a guardian.
  • Any person older than 18 years can do the declaration for his/her whole family.

Who cannot declare an address change?

You are a non-Belgian who:

How to declare?

How to enter a house number with a letter?
Example: Your house number is 1A and your ‘busnummer’ (flat/room number) is 0101.
1. In the field ‘Huisnr’ (house number), you enter only the number ‘1’ (for technical reasons you cannot enter letters here)
2. In the field ‘Selecteer een busnummer’ (select a flat/room number), you select the option ‘Andere’ (‘Other’)
3. In the field ‘busnr’ (flat/room number), you enter A101 (you can enter max. 4 characters).

Declare your new address

Having problems with the online declaration?

Contact us:

City office

Population counter

Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1
3000 Leuven

After the online declaration

The local police officer will come and check whether you are staying at the declared address. Make sure your name is on the bell and letterbox.

You can already buy a parking permit for up to 3 months until your address is officially changed.

Updating your address after the police check (by appointment)

After the check by the local police, you will receive an invitation to come to the city office and update the address on the chip of your identity card or residence permit. This can take up to 4 weeks. You will need to make an appointment for this update.

Make an appointment

What to bring to your appointment?

Identity card, kids-ID or residence permit of each family member (with the corresponding pin- and puk-codes).


Free of charge

Temporarily other address

You don't have to change your address, but do notify the city.
Report your temporary absence

AttentionYou are not a Belgian national and you are leaving Belgium for max. one year? Then apply for the right to return.

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