Participation Hub

The LIFE Participation Hub supports strategic learning and capability building in the LIFE programme, focused on promoting and upholding democratic, participatory approaches in deployment of nature-based solutions.

What is the Hub?

The Hub works at two levels:

  • Locally
    In support of more expanded participation in neighbourhood-scale projects - for example assisting with participatory design activities in pilot sites.
  • Globally
    To connect people, places and processes and foster cross-border, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in democratic practice, in service of project cities and their communities.

Hub goals

  1. To create conditions for connection, collaboration, and capability building as partners and project cities take this learning journey together.
  2. To encourage more participatory, democratic ways of thinking and doing differently for best chances of successful deployment of nature-based solutions in project cities, and ultimately, urban, community and climate resilience.
  3. To support translation of field learnings from pilot sites into the ‘Replication Model’ for deployment of nature-based solutions.

What is the practices book?

The Replicable Model in the LIFE-PACT programme supports deployment of nature-based solutions in project cities. It provides practical, accessible, interactive ‘guidance’ on different conditions and factors for successful deployment that upholds values of democracy, equity, inclusiveness and participation. It will be deployed to replication sites in Leuven, Madrid and Kraków. It offers evidence-based practices and recommendations for consideration, but requires a local, place-based approach for adoption at replication sites.


Hub actions so far

  • Stakeholder engagement interviews in Ter Putkapelle pilot site (Leuven);
  • Citizen engagement interviews in the Spaanse Kroon pilot site (Leuven);
  • Supported the design and implementation of participatory design workshops with residents, care staff and city stakeholders in the Ter Putkapelle pilot site (Leuven);
  • Gone ‘on the road’ to project cities Leuven and Madrid in June and July 2022 to
    • Get closer to people and places to help grow connections and capabilities for thinking and doing that will help spread nature-based solutions in appropriate, locally relevant ways.
    • Test ‘Replication Model’ building blocks with key actors on the ground in each city.
  • Ongoing translation of learnings from stakeholder and citizen engagement, Hub on the Road activities, and partner liaison into the ‘Replication Model’.

Hub on the Road

The Hub is facilitated by Democratic Society, a design partner in the LIFE programme working with local partners in all cities. While Demsoc facilitates it, they do not own it; the Hub is intended as shared space for everyone connected by the programme for knowledge exchange and value creation.

Professor Van Overstraetenplein 1
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