Last will and testament: choice of cremation or burial

You can decide what happens to your body after you die. You can register that choice with the city.

How do you register your choice?

1. Complete the 'last will and testament' form (Dutch only)


    You can indicate:

    • Whether you choose a funeral or cremation
    • What happens to your ashes on cremation:
      • Burial in a cemetery
      • Burial in a columbarium
      • Scattering in a designated meadow or the sea
      • Burial, scattering or storage of your ashes at a place other than the cemetery
    • The ideology according to which the funeral should be held
    • In which municipality your final resting place will be
    • Whether you have a funeral contract

    2. Register your choice

    Bring the form to the City Office, by appointment.

    Make an appointment


    Free of charge.


    Unlimited. You do not have to renew your choice.


    A copy of your last will and testament mentions what you stated in writing in your last will and testament request. It is also called a ‘burial mode declaration’. You can request the document online.

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