COVID-19 test for travel and events

Do you need a negative COVID-19 test to travel abroad or for your return? Or do you want to attend an event? Get tested at a test centre in Leuven.

Where can you get a COVID-19 test?

Get a COVID-19 test at these test centres:

Do you have COVID-19 symptoms or did you have a high-risk contact?
Do not come to the Brabanthal or Van Dalecollege test centres. Your doctor will send you to the COVID-19 testing facility at OH Leuven (Kardinaal Mercierlaan 46, view on Google Maps)

When can you get tested?

The test centre at the Brabanthal is open every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (including weekends and public holidays).


  • On the website of the European Union you can find out how old your negative test result can be to enter the country of destination. Depending of the destination country, your (negative) test result is valid a maximum of either 48 or 72 hours before your arrival there.
  • Do you want to attend an event? Your negative test result is valid a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Keep in mind that the lab has to process your test. You will usually get your test result within 12 hours, but it can take up to 36 hours. This lead time is indicative and not binding.
  • The test code for a free test is only valid for 10 days. Your appointment must take place within 10 days of requesting your test code. Note: the test code is by name and can only be used for that person.
  • One and a half hours after you received your negative test result, you can consult the certificate.
You are going to France where a test can be a maximum of 72 hours old. You cross the border on Friday evening 9 July 2021.
You will be tested on Wednesday afternoon 7 July 2021 (about 55 hours before you cross the border).
You request a code for a free test from 28 June 2021 (10 days before 7 July 2021), not earlier.

How to make an appointment?

Before travelling abroad or attending an event


  • € 50
  • Free: The federal government offers 2 free tests for the following:
    • Adults who are not yet fully protected against the coronavirus. You are fully protected:
      • 2 weeks after your 2nd vaccination with Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna.
      • 4 weeks after your Johnson & Johnson vaccination.
    • Children and young people between 6 and 17 years old.
You will not receive a free test if you have refused a vaccination or have not accepted the (first) invitation. View all conditions for a free test.

Make an appointment

  • Request a test code en make an appointment on
  • You need digital identification for this, e.g. with the pin code of your identity card (eID) or the 'Itsme' app.
The test code for a free test is only valid for 10 days. Your appointment must take place within 10 days of requesting your test code.

When returning to Belgium

Are you returning from another country and do you need to get tested? Please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Passenger Locator Form at the earliest 48 hours before your return to Belgium.
  2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a QR-code.
    If you are returning from a red list country, you will also receive 2 text messages. The second message will contain your test code. Please note that this may take a few hours.
  3. Make an appointment for a test with your test code, at one of these locations:

How to cancel or reschedule a test appointment?

Cancel appointment

Use the link at the bottom of your confirmation email.

Reschedule appointment

  1. Cancel your appointment first using the link at the bottom of your confirmation email.
  2. Then make a new appointment on This way you can reuse the code for a free test.

What do you need to bring?

  • Identity document with national registration number (if you have any)
  • Test code
  • Face mask
  • You pay on site with Payconiq (preferred option), debit card or credit card.

Consult your test result

You can consult your test result yourself:

COVID certificate

In order to travel within Europe, you need a COVID certificate. 

One and a half hours after you received your negative test result, you can consult the certificate:

Do you have a question about the COVID certificate?
Then call 078 78 78 50 (Flemish government).

Covid Safe Ticket

The Covid Safe Ticket (CST) grants you access to events without the requirement to wear a mask or social distancing.

  • Your Covid Safe Ticket will be available in the CovidSafe app, about 1,5 hours after receiving your negative test results.
  • Only valid in Belgium.

What do you need to know before you go abroad?

Depending on the country or zone you travel to, different measures will apply upon your departure, arrival and return to Belgium.

Do you have any questions?

Questions about test appointments or tests

COVID test centre at UZ
Tel. 016 33 14 00 (you will get a faster answer via email) 

Questions about your test result

UZ Leuven - Lab
Tel. 016 34 71 99

Questions about your COVID certificate

Helpdesk of the Flemish government
Tel. 078 78 78 50


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