Cancellation of pink bags

What about the content of pink bags?

As from 1 March 2021, you can put soft plastics in the blue PMD bag. Hard plastics (e.g. toys, buckets) have to be taken to the recycling centre.

What about the pink bags I still have?

  • Loose bags
    Until 31 May 2021, you can use the pink bags you still have as PMD bags.  You can put the pink bags on your pavement on the days when PMD is collected.
  • Full rolls
    You can take full rolls of unused pink bags to the recycling centre to exchange them. For each roll, you will receive € 2.5 on your Diftar account.  You can use it to pay your visit to the recycling centre.

Do I have to buy new blue bags?

No, you can continue to use the PMD bags unlimitedly.

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