Coronavirus: general measures

The governments are taking measures to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

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Questions about the measures the city takes

  • Phone: free number 0800 16 916 (available every day, including Saturday and Sunday, from 8:00 to 20:00)
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General questions about the coronavirus in Belgium

The federal government shares official, verified and up-to-date information:

If you think you have COVID-19

  • Call but don't visit your family doctor/GP. Do not go to the emergency department of hospitals.
  • Call 1733 outside consultation hours or during the weekend.

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6 basic rules to protect yourself and others

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
  2. Keeping 1.5 meters distance remains important. It is strongly recommended to wear a mouth mask in crowded areas. You needn’t keep 1.5 meters distance from:
    • The people you live with
    • The 15 people you can meet every week
    • Children younger than 12 years old
  3. Do not shake hands or kiss when you greet someone.
  4. Organize activities outdoor as much as possible. If that is not possible, you should air out the room afterwards.
  5. Double the attention to safety with people susceptible to the coronavirus:
    • People aged over 65
    • People with diabetes, cardiac, kidney or pulmonary problems
    • People who are particularly susceptible to infections
  6. Meeting up with others? Limit the number of attendees to 15. This applies in your home, at a restaurant, during outings ...

Meeting with friends and family

You can meet up with a maximum of 15 different people every week:

  • Whether or not at the same time.
  • You can choose 15 new people every week.
  • People you live with do not count.

Gatherings and events

  • Mass events are prohibited. All events of 'Het Groot Verlof' (Beleuvenissen, Hapje-Tapje, Half Oogst ...) are canceled. We put together an alternative summer program with many small-scale activities.
  • Shows, performances and sports competitions can take place with a maximum of 200 spectators indoor, 400 spectators outdoor. Wearing a mouth mask is strongly recommended.
  • Religious services can take place with a maximum of 200 people.
  • Funerals and civil marriages can take place with a maximum of 200 people.
  • Receptions and banquets can take place with a maximum of 50 people.

What will change as from 1 august 2020?

  • Fairs and village celebrations can take place with up to 400 persons indoor or 800 persons outdoor.

What will change as from 1 September 2020?

  • Mass events can take place. Wearing a mouth mask is strongly recommended.
  • Parties can take place.

Sport and exercise

Sports clubs and associations

Sports clubs and associations may organize:

  • Trainings, lessons and contests or competitions
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Also contact sports (judo, football ...)


  • With a coach who is present and easily approachable
  • With a maximum of 50 people (coach included)
  • Trainings and competitions can take place with a maximum of 200 spectators indoor or 400 spectators outdoor. Wearing a mouth mask is strongly recommended.

Sports accommodations

  • Outdoor sports facilities (football and basketball courts, skate parks, hockey pitches, Finnish slopes, ping pong tables, 'Open Gym' ...) are open.
  • The cities’ indoor sports facilities are open.
  • Swimming pools, changing rooms and showers are open.

Playgrounds and sport camps

  • The playgrounds are open.
  • The cities’ sports camps for kids and summer camps will take place.

Library and culture

  • The libraries are open, but subject to certain conditions.
  • Museums M Leuven and Parcum are open. You must buy a ticket in advance.
  • You can visit the reading room of the City Archives by appointment for necessary searches.
  • Shows and performances can take place with a maximum of 200 spectators indoor, 400 spectators outdoor. Wearing a mouth mask is strongly recommended.
  • Theatre groups, dance groups, orchestras, choirs ... are allowed to organize lessons and rehearsals with a maximum of 50 people (adult supervisor or teacher included).

Services from the city

    • City office counters:
    • Police offices: The offices at Philipssite and Grote Markt (appointment only) are open; all other police offices are closed.
    • The neighbourhood centers are open, but subject to certain conditions.
    • City Hall (marriages continue as planned) is closed.
    • Cities’ halls and rooms: You can make reservations for the cities’ halls and rooms again, but with lower capacity.

    Shops, businesses, bars, restaurants and markets

    Bars and restaurants

    Bars and restaurants are open, but need to take the following precautions:

    • Maximum 15 customers per table.
    • Tables are placed at least 1.5 meters apart.
    • You cannot walk around and need to stay seated at your table.
    • It is recommended to make reservations in restaurants.
    • All bars and restaurants must close at 1:00 at the latest. Last calls are at 00:45.

    Shops and businesses

    • Stores adhere to strict rules:
      • 1 person per 10m²
      • Night shops may remain open until 1h.
      • Hairdressers, beauticians, tattoo shops, hand and foot carers, massage parlors and other contact professions can open:
        • Only by appointment
        • Staff and customers must wear a mask
        • Customers must keep 1.5 meters distance

    What you should know if you go shopping

    • A mask is strongly recommended.
    • You can go shopping with your 'contact bubble', you don’t have to shop alone.
    • The city is taking measures in the public domain to guarantee the safety of visitors when the shops are reopened.
      • Walking direction: Walk on the right hand side of the street and follow the arrows.
      • Queue starting point: a sphere at the entrance of each store indicates where the queue starts.
      • Extra bicycle sheds: there are extra bicycle sheds on Oude Markt, Mathieu de Layensplein, Vismarkt and in side streets of Diestsestraat.
      • Extra space in Bondgenotenlaan: on Saturdays there are no buses in Bondgenotelaan. The busstop at De Somerplein will be replaced by a stop in the Rijschoolstraat.


    The markets are allowed to take place without limitations on the number of stalls.

    • Mouth masks:
      • Friday and Sunday market (the largest and busiest markets): mandatory for everyone over 12 years old.
      • Other markets: mandatory for market vendors, highly recommended for visitors.
    • Saturday market: Full restart as from 11 July 2020.
    • Social distancing: Follow the arrows on the ground (one-way traffic) and keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others.

    What will change as from 1 September 2020?

    • Discotheques can reopen


    • Public transport:
      • Mouth masks are compulsory for all travellers (12 year old and older). They must wear their mouth mask from the moment they enter a station or bus stop.
      • Only use public transport if it is really necessary. Follow the directions (such as 1.5 meters distance between people ...)
      • Free shuttle buses:
        • The free shuttle bus at 'parking Wetenschapspark Arenberg' does not run.
        • The free shuttle bus at 'Parking Vaartkom' does run.
    • Taxis:
      • Only 1 passenger is allowed.
      • Only family members living under the same roof can take a taxi together.
      • Mouth mask is strongly recommended.

    Play ground activities and sport camps

    • There will be playground activities during the summer holidays, however you have to register in advance.
    • The cities’ sports camps for kids and summer camps will take place.

    Hospitals and healthcare professionals

    Access to general and specialised health care services is gradually reopened.

    Read the measures for healthcare professionals

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